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Tuesday Treats! Meeting fellow bloggers


Tuesday Treats!  Meeting fellow bloggers Tomorrow is my birthday and wow what a fun week so far I have had, but what has made it really really special is having Samantha from FarmerFarthing come to stay for a couple of days. Shrek doesn’t believe that one can make ‘proper’ friends through blogging, which I find…

Is This Freedom

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Originally posted on The Seeker's Dungeon:
Feet are situated relaxed and raised as images of fear float across the screen – the mind absorbed in nothing in particular enjoys the luxury of simply being able to dream. Those tainted by desperation couldn’t imagine the carelessness which governs our movements – the freedoms that we…

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Follow my blog with Bloglovin Apart from yes please do follow me on bloglovin, please excuse the constant posts requesting this, I am actually in the process of trying to ‘claim’ my blog on bloglovin which means I have to paste this text in to the text part in order to do this otherwise it…

Who is on Instagram?


Who is on Instagram? I find Instagram instant fun, ie it’s so simple to just pop a picture, convey something, or even a video which I did not discover until recently. I tend to have my ‘serious’ photography on Flickr, I use Instagram to have fun with and sometimes convey something instant that I want…

Writing 101, Day Three & Day Four – significant songs & losses!

Writing 101, Day Three: Today, celebrate three songs that are significant to you.


Writing 101, Day Four: Today write about a loss

(you will find Day Four further down the post)


Alright I will admit that I found the writing challenge for Day 3 a little odd, here it is:

Write about the three most important songs in your life — what do they mean to you?

I am the kind of person that loves all genres of music, I have no particular style I prefer it really depends on my mood, the day etc.

So I have sat here scratching my head wondering if there really were any ‘significant songs’ that have shaped me, given me poignant memories or such like.

This is what I have to share with you.

Four Seasons – Vivaldi

My mother and father parted when I was three weeks old.  He was according to my mother not a ‘natural’ father, that’s not the reason they split up, but anyway that is another story!

I used to go and visit him during the holidays, mainly Summer holidays, packed off in my worst clothes and an empty suitcase, the hope from my mother was that he would buy me a wardrobe or at least a few items of clothing as his donation towards my upkeep.

Having been brought up in the countryside since the age of 3, going to London to visit my father or Spain was always a very exciting and nerve wracking experience all wrapped up in to one.

My father was a large man with a large temper, I would remember when he got angry his face going bright red.  As a small child it would literally look like he might physically blow up and if honest I was also a tad scared of him mixed with a certain amount of reverie because I didn’t really know him that well and his life was very different to mine.

He would take me out to MacDonalds for a big mac as a treat, or to the Ritz for a peanut milkshake (of which I now have an obsession), or to the RAC Private Gentlemans club.  These were all apart from MacDonalds (which was just fun) quite awe inspiring experiences for a youngster and probably moulded my now love of going out still and replicating similar things now older, ie tea at the Dorchester, but who doesn’t like that right?  But for me, I not only like it, it takes me back somewhere else :-)

I never really knew what he did for work, only that he was quite entrepreneurial, one minute a racing driver, the next owned a garage, the next writing books for dylexic children, the next developing a building complex in Spain!  But he always had his office which was a ‘no go zone’ in as much as one would knock and wait.  It was ‘his zone’ and sometimes I was allowed in.  In this room was always classical music, and hence my love for Vavaldi’s Four Seasons, being one of the albums regularly played.

He would lean back in his high backed chair, perhaps puffing on a cigar, or he would continue to do whatever he was doing as I sat there and waited, then perhaps turn towards me and spend some time talking to me.

He was the one that encouraged me to play the piano, which of course ties in with my whole classical love!

The below clip is long, the whole album I think but if time to listen you will surely enjoy!



New Order – Blue Monday

Alright so we have one of my iconic songs growing up to, I don’t remember exactly my age, but seemingly it gives me the memory of those angst confused years when you start dating, the pain of broken young naive relationships.  Spending time in one’s bedroom, closed eyes, music up loud and dancing away the frustrations of growing up.

Always ending with  my mother yelling up the stairs for me to turn the music down, using what I call ‘blue words’ haha!

This was usually after the 20th time of calling as I never heard her with the insane singing I would do to accompany it of course.

Put your hands up if this is an iconic song for your teenage years?

After this there are no ‘significant’ songs, they all seem to merge in to a blur of excitement and emotion inducing cacofany!

Day Four for Writing 101 we are to write about the following:

Write about a loss: something (or someone) that was part of your life, and isn’t any more.

This doesn’t need to be a depressing exercise; you can write about that time you lost the three-legged race at a picnic. What’s important is reflecting on this experience and what it meant for you — how it felt, why it happened, and what changed because of it.

Alright I am being a bit of a stig in the mud here with this one, you see I have written so much about my losses in my ‘chronic pain’ blog, which is called It’s a lonely place.

So, I separate this ‘place’ aka blog for those kinds of writings and have no real desire to start writing them here, nor do I have a desire to scoop up emotions again that do make me sad, though I can see positives, great memories etc, I would rather direct anyone to prior writings should you wish to take time to read relevant ‘personal’ articles on this topic, but suffice to say the two main losses in my life are:

  • My mother
  • My freedom of a life without pain and freedom to move as I wish

 Here are some relevant posts:

my mother

my mother

(the loss of my mother)

  1. My Heroine
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(my chronic pain)

Pain sometimes makes you feel like a caged bird!

Pain sometimes makes you feel like a caged bird!

  1. Some History
  2. Anger Management
  3. Gratitude is a great and wondrous thing

As always thank you for reading.  I know this was rather a long one, sharing my links from my ‘pain blog’ makes me a little nervous though anyone can find it anyway, but I suppose it is a learning curve with writing on totally sharing oneself regardless of how it might affect others opinions.


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