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Even before you cross my threshold Your seduction of me is complete Your aroma teases my senses I am intoxicated, awash in the thought of you Resistance has become futile as the desire for you tugs at me I can barely wait to touch your sweet smoothness I inhale deeply, longingly…

An Open Letter To WordPress

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Dear, I am loath to write yet another letter to you, since I typically prefer to spend my time writing actual blog posts, but I’ve been bitching on Twitter and in your forums to no avail, so maybe you’ll pay attention to a blog post. It’s not likely,…

Moving on UP

Moving on UP

There is one word that springs to mind for me regarding 2015……UP…..Many positive things can come from this word :-)

I hope that 2015 for all you lovely readers is moving on UP POSITIVELY FOR YOU!!!

Moving on UP

Moving on UP

I took this photo a couple of days ago at the Saatchi and Saatchi Exhibition I went to, this was actually in the shop rather than in the ‘actual’ display but I like the word UP, so UP it is for 2015!

There is also only one song to go with the word UP and here is it….

Have a little boogie for New Years please a glass of something, even be it some hot cocoa or something more sizzly and please keep in touch throughout with me in 2015, your company is always an utter pleasure.

Also Happy Birthday to a very dear, dear, dear friend whose birthday is today, New Years Eve go figure that!  <3

Justine xxxx

© Justine Nagaur

magical night (choka- haiku)

Originally posted on Tournesol dans un Jardin:
Vincent van Gogh said about this painting : “… it does me good to do what’s difficult. That doesn’t stop me having a tremendous need for, shall I say the word — for religion — so I go outside at night to paint the stars” © The Starry Night…


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