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Apple & Elderberry Jelly & I need help please!

Weekly Photo Challenge

Apple & Elderberry Jelly This weeks Weekly Photo Challenge is: Achievement & this is what they said: Have you just run 26.2 miles, finished a long-term project, or met a personal goal? This week, show us an achievement. Though you may laugh and also think this not one of my best shots or even one relevant…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Descent & #NaBloPoMo Day 1

Weekly Photo Challenge: Descent & #NaBloPoMo Day 1

The first few photos are of Clovelly Village which I have written about before.

However, the whole village is just one street, this street beautifully laden with restored cobblestones, kept to their original state from years back.  This village is so steep one cannot drive through it, you have to either park at the top or bottom and walk the rest of the way.

Hence I thought this a perfect representation of Descent from the Weekly Photo challenge, the original link of which you will find here:  Weekly Photo Challenge:  Descent

Clovelly Village the lovely long steep cobblestone walk

Clovelly Village the lovely long steep cobblestone walk

At the bottom of the steep cobblestone path is the most amazing Harbour.  At points on the way down one could see views over the sea through pink blossom or over whitewashed walls making me reminisce of teenage holidays in Greece or Portugal.

Clovelly Village view down to the Harbour

Clovelly Village view down to the Harbour

The Harbour in itself is simply fantastic, a photo opportunity not to be missed with the waters out and all the seaweed laden stone and wood, split driftwood, boats and old fishing items.

What is it about the fascination for rust, do you have this as a photographer?  I was told that many ‘amateur’ photographers have a fascination with decay and rust.

Though of course I do put myself in this category it did make me chuckle, will it be something I should aspire to grow out of?  Will this mean I am no longer an ‘amateur photographer’.  If so I think I will stay the same as I really do enjoy a bit of deterioration.

Clovelly Village - the Harbour

Clovelly Village – the Harbour


Descending the Dunes in Devon

Next we have our Summer Holiday in Devon.  We stayed right next to the sand dunes.

Visually I appreciate the beauty of what I call these magnificent creatures, but with my back issues, slightly fear them.

However my 8yr old took one look, nabbed a snow toboggan from somewhere, which actually was totally unsuitable and climbed to the top.

He then hurled himself down with vigour, on a few occasions he came flying off at speed as the vehicle he was travelling on just stopped!

However as you can see by the last photograph he discovered a sort of sand cliff and adopted the ‘no fear no gain’ attitude and went hell for leather over it.

No broken bones I am pleased to say just a few more grey hairs for me.

Devon my youngest speeding down the sand dunes

Devon my youngest speeding down the sand dunes

Devon my youngest speeding down the sand dunes

Devon my youngest speeding down the sand dunes

Devon my youngest speeding down the sand dunes

Devon my youngest speeding down the sand dunes




Now to go on to the Nano thingy, which is a double challenge, one to write a novel in a month, which I am NOT doing, the other to post daily during November.  You will see here the official badge, so if you come across one of my posts or anothers you know that is what they are doing, you can also click the badge to go to one of the organizers blog to find out more about it or here:  NaBloPoMo blogher

Nano Poblano 2014

Nano Poblano 2014

There is however some kind of peppery gang on wordpress gathering together also joining in the united fun, you will find the official image here and the main organizers so I believe here (stand to be corrected if wrong!)



However how long I last I have no idea.  I might need a rocked up my backside to keep me going or some encouragement (looks around to any readers and fellow bloggers).

I hope you are having a fab weekend so far!

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