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I think I started a foot fetish! Random Moment of Delight #34

I think I started a foot fetish!

Random Moment of Delight #34

I am not going to write anything else until after you have watched this video please so that I don’t ruin the surprise or steer your reactions! hehe

So, you might be wondering what this is all about?

First of all what was your reaction please, I would love to know, did you laugh did you go urgh, or shivver in disgust?

We went for a picnic

Yes that is right, I went with my 2 sons for a picnic with the dog in Richmond Park.  Now I discovered taking teddy on to a picnic rather tricky, the kids being at low vantage point he was intent on getting their sandwiches and did quite well acquiring some of my youngests.

We had some blueberries left over, ones that I didn’t fancy eating, so what went through my mind?

“Oh lets put those like nice little hot stones between my youngest’s toes and see if that distracts teddy for a while”

Yep you may think me odd, but that is how my brain works.

Oh boy, wasn’t expecting the results we got.

Teddy loves blueberries it appears.

My youngest loves having his feet licked it appears too.

If you listen carefully, he said “oh I like it, oh its lovely, I love it, it’s warm, you should try it”  haha! Crazy boy.

So yep, if you want to keep a child entertained, a dog occupied and keep your children’s feet clean you now know what to do.  Go and buy some blueberries!!!

I posted this on my personal facebook account, thinking I would get lots of likes, perhaps a share and lots of laughs, but I have to say only one person liked it who I only just met, all my long term friends went dismally quiet and didn’t say a thing.  Yep disappointing so I am interested to see the reaction I get here.  Maybe it is or I am just to quirky! hehe

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Fiesta Friday #31 uh oh shrek gets wet!

Fiesta Friday #31

Fiesta Friday #31 uh oh shrek gets wet!

This week I got back from holiday, I hope you enjoyed the pre-scheduled 3 videos from the ‘Freak Show’ that I went to that I then brought back to the party for you!

Now I know they weren’t cooking but a party is a party right?  One of the main things a party needs is entertainment, so I bring a short snapshot of entertainment today that is from home, yes you got the right, from home and it is ‘shrek’ getting wet!

‘shrek’ is in fact my husband for those of you who are confused right now, but it is true he is in fact a human form of ‘shrek’ in not just visual ways, yes he has the ears, no I havn’t painted him green ‘yet’.  But Samantha from FarmerFarthing can in fact vouch for ear picking habits similar to ‘shrek’ as she met him not so long ago.

So he did the #ALSicebucketchallenge as it seems many people have and yes I hear you sigh, maybe it’s on overkill now for some, but I can assure you this is rather a funny one!  For those wondering yes we did donate too!

For a shrek who considers himself a man’s man, rough and tough he didn’t react quite as expected and this was probably not helped by the fact that my eldest decided to wreak revenge by not only pouring the water slowly but in batches.

Here you go!  Some entertainment.

Happy Fiesta Friday, I shall now enjoy eating some of your food, who is cooking what?  I promise to get cooking next week.

Justine x

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Fiesta Friday #27, how is your pelvic floor, party ready?

Fiesta Friday #27, how is your pelvic floor, party ready?

Now you are probably reading that title and thinking “ooooeeer sounds a bit naughty what is she up to” and then you might think “well these titles are always there to entice us in and then are pretty disappointing, shall I read or not?”

shall i or shan't i?

shall i or shan’t i?

Well the answer is ‘yes’ as in you should really read on, because if you are not amused you will be baffled, perhaps learn something about the anatomy of a woman’s body or not as the case may be or well there is a whole host of emotions and things you might take away from watching this video.

I have some questions afterwards if you would not mind answering.

I have to say I was not sure if this video was a joke or not, I still am not sure, I am still not sure if it is for real whether an amazing idea, a terrible one or atrocious stupidity, I am still deciding, perhaps you will have a more concise opinion of it all. :-D

Lets get our pelvic floor in to tip top shape

Lets get our pelvic floor in to tip top shape

You might think also what this has to do with a party, well come on ladies you have your finest party attire on, no one wants to have a little leakage do they?

Ever laughed and had that sensation that something was going somewhere it shouldn’t?  Gone red and thought “OMG” and consequently run off to the loo!….nah I never have!!! coughs..really I never have

(so glad you can’t see my face to tell whether I am lying or not).

Please click the link below to watch the video, right to the end or you will miss the best parts, trust me….grins!

Pelvic floor games

So what did you think, was it for real or not?

I have to admit, filling out the polldaddy had me laughing, I cannot wait to see the answers!

Have a fab weekend, eat yourself silly at the party, don’t laugh too much however if you aint been doin yer pelvic floor exercises.

Huggles, Justine x


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