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The v—-a tree! (Maturity Warning)

The v—-a tree!  (Maturity Warning)

This is a tree that has it’s home down the side of a narrow path leading from our Common to the Park.  We pass it often!

The first time however that I passed it, both myself and my 12 year old son stopped in our tracks, went red and looked at each other.  My son burst out laughing, I didn’t need to say what it looked like because it was glaringly obvious.

So now we have watched it over the Seasons to see if it changes, not much at all.

We have named it “The Vagina Tree”

I took advice on whether to post these images and it feels really odd that I got a little worried whether my readers would be offended by effectively seeing ‘Tree Porn’, but I got the royal thumbs up and hopefully one can appreciate what nature provides for us and see the funny side, because I do!

The Vagina Tree

The Vagina Tree

The Vagina Tree

The Vagina Tree

I did however as one does do a bit of research and was shocked at the results of what I found.  if you wish to ‘dig’ any deeper, ooer excuse the pun, sorry very bad taste, do take a look at this website, it is rather funny and shocking all at the same time – 11 Trees that look like genitalia

I also would like to draw your attention to a post that was written as part of my Decadence Event, it was by Girlgoyle, Banished, here is the post – Hungrily  – here you will see that in fact what Mother Nature provides can be oddly erotic in the form of plant life.  Art Nouveau was based on natural forms organic to our society, embracing sinuous lines and “whiplash” curves.

I wait with anticipation to your thoughts on this post, what you have read, seen and how it leaves you!

Thank you for reading, Justine xx

Remember Eclectic Corner #3 is published tomorrow, catering to the photographer and writer in you xx

© Justine Nagaur


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