A-Z April Challenge

A-Z April 2014 challenge, my theme is vintage, emotions & relative quotes, posted on every day during April except Sundays.

A-Z reflections post! ~ It’s over tadaah

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You know when I think of the end of the A to Z Challenge this song comes to mind…


Bit dramatic huh?

So there is something I want to say as a support to everyone who took the A-Z..points to the picture below…..


I apologize it is my ironic dry sense of humour and no, I didn’t hate it for everyone whispering “oh my she must have really hated it!”  But I won’t deny it certainly took on the word ‘challenge’ and lived up to it.

It was like a love/hate relationship.  I did pre-schedule my posts and if I had not I would have crumbled, so I really take my hat off to those who didn’t and what works for some, doesn’t work for others.

I also knew that during the whole process I would be away for a week and the Blogging 201 Challenge came up which I really didn’t want to miss as I had started off my WordPress life doing the zerotohero earlier on in the year so I sort of had some kind of odd sentimental attachment to doing the 201 Challenge.

I enjoyed the fact that it forced me to really think of something that was streamlined.  I love vintage, it was a huge challenge to find vintage pictures that were copyright free AND that matched the emotions that I was quoting about.  I didn’t get it spot on every time, but did the best with what I had.

I also love emotions, hence why this was included as a theme of mine and my obsession with ‘quotes’ really came to the front with this challenge and this is something that I hope to continue as I had a lot of positive comments from my readers as to the particular ones I had chosen which spurred some really interesting conversations.

What would my advice be to others possibly entering next year.

Plan ahead

Pick your theme

I cannot advise whether to pre-schedule or not, it depends whether you are an adrenalin junky, what topic you are choosing etc

Make sure you reply to all comments

I did not put my URL when I commented and deleted those that did on my blog, just because I don’t like it, ones avatar should link back to ones blog, but have up a commenting policy beforehand if this bothers you so it doesn’t offend anyone when it is removed.

Make time every day to blog hop/read/comment ~ this really does take time.

Sign up for the official A-Z e-mails this really helps too.

What would have made it more helpful to me?

I would have loved to know which participants were on wordpress and which ones not.  Only because there is such a huuuge number of participants from different blogging boards and I found that the ones from WordPress would be more likely to reply to a comment and or continue a dialogue/follow etc.

I didn’t do it for the followers, more for the experience, curiosity to see what it was like, but of course it is nice to meet new people and yes get a few followers.

I struck up some great conversations, mainly with my existing readers, some new, had a handful of new friends with whom I hope to create a great blogging relationship.

I also enjoyed conversing/supporting and seeing my other blogging friends who did the A-Z and what would pop up on their post each day.

Would I do it again?

That I can’t answer LOL, I still havn’t quite gotten over this one yet, maybe because I am a bit of a masochist like that!

So a BIG OLD THANK YOU to everyone who supported me on this great adventure!

Justine-Not Transparent

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