The Darkness

dark wings

The Darkness The heavily varnished purple door of the Victorian building started to swing towards the glinting sunlight as chubby fingers with scraps of pink glittery varnish wrapped around the centralized brass acorn shaped door furnishing giving it a hefty tug. Sophies face scrunched up with the effort of it all as a click was…

Colour Splash Effect | Photoshop

Originally posted on Blogenture:
I started learning how to use different aspects of Photoshop a few years back and I’ve decided to develop my skills some more. The tutorial I am going to share today is called the Colour Splash Effect. I felt like doing this as soon as I saw the cover picture for…

Apple & Elderberry Jelly & I need help please!

Weekly Photo Challenge

Apple & Elderberry Jelly This weeks Weekly Photo Challenge is: Achievement & this is what they said: Have you just run 26.2 miles, finished a long-term project, or met a personal goal? This week, show us an achievement. Though you may laugh and also think this not one of my best shots or even one relevant…


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